Chinese bladeless fan review

Hi, everyone.   Now I bring you up the lastest Chinese bladeless fan information in comparation with Dyson bladeless fan.

I recently heard lots of people talking about Dyson bladeless fan and Chinese company being sued by Dyson. It was just such a disturbing news, that I decided to dig deeper.

Now there are lots of bladeless fan companies from China.  Most of them, of course are trading companies, which is extremly hard to distinguish, giving the fact that all of  them claim to be the manufacturer. I was once fooled by a trading company too when i was helping my client sourcing bladeless fan from China.  According to my research, there are only 4-5 maufacturers from China. And most  of them are providing low priced bladeless fan.

Some bladeless manufacturers have been or are being sued by Dyson. Only one company is an exception: Jiangxi Vita APURE branded bladeless fan. They have their own patent that is totally irrelevant with Dyson. Actually, Vita APURE branded bladeless fan technology is just the opposite of the Dyson fan.  Besides, Vita  fans can not only create wind, but also better air condition by releasing anion with noise level of 53 Decibel/7600turn. Because Vita bladeless fan is developed by themself, so the Vita product price goes up beyond ordinary people’s purchasing power, but still lower than Dyson bladeless fan.

Most people would hesitate whether to buy the expensive vita bladeless fan or other cheap ones. And most important of all, they don’t know how to distinguish trading companies from factories, let alone tons of scammers on internet.  If you have trouble making up your mind too, e-mail us at restlis @

About two years ago (2010), i visited several Chinese factories, and now most of them went down due to patent issue or bad management. Some of you might even have done some business ewith those companies. What i am saying is that you need be extra careful on choosing your partner in this industry, you wouldn’t want your partner went bankrupt all of a suddeen.

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